Led from English Village,Present
Led to Canadian Village,Present
Who/what went through Several Yetis
One Gigantopithecus
Eve Lake's badge
Eve Lake
Matt Anderson
Connor Temple
Abby Maitland
Emily Merchant
Appearances Episode 7.7

The English Village - Canadian Snowy Village Anomaly is an Anomaly that links a English village to a Snowy Village in Canada both in the Present.


The Anomaly opened linking the two villages to each other and allowing many Yetis through.

A Gigantopithecus also came through but was scared back through by the A.R.C team.

Later Eve Lake's badge is pulled through by the Anomalies Magnetic field and when she goes through to get it she see the Snowy Village.

Later after discovering that the Yetis were mutated Gigantopithecus they A.R.C team decide that they must stop the mutation and Matt Anderson and Connor Temple go through to stop it. Abby Maitland and Emily Merchant also go through to find the two and save them from Yetis and the 4 go back through and the Anomaly is locked.