Scientific name Unknown
Home time period Future
Creature type Future Bird
Deaths caused None
Appearances Episode 7.1

The Future Eagle is a species of futuristic Eagle from the future it lives along side Mer Creatures and Megopteran. It acts similarly to modern day Eagles.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 7.1Edit

After an anomaly opened up to a present day harbour port two eagles came through and one attacked Abby Maitland as it came through. Later when Abby's brother Jack and Darren Lake went looking for it it attacked Jack and Darren accidently knocked himself out with his EMD when trying to stop the Eagle but Michael Miller later arrived and killed the Eagle.

Later When the team where trying to find the MerQueen a Future Eagle appeared but presumably died when it was knocked out buy one of Anna Legg's EMD shoots and hit the water and most likely drowned.


  • The Future Eagle on the Episode 7.1 poster is different in what it looks then what it is in the Episode. This is because the CGI model of the Hasst Eagle was not edited to look like the Future Eagle and the poster had to be made before editing happened to the episode.
  • This is the last new Future Creature to appear in Primeval