Scientific name Gigonotsaurus Carolinii
Home time period Cretaceous Period
Creature type Theropod dinosaur
Deaths caused Two Argentinosaurus
One girl
Appearances Episode 6.5

Gigonotsaurus is a specsis of theropod dinosaur

In Primeval Edit

Episode 6.5Edit

When an anomaly opened up in an hanger at a fairground a girl investigated but she was killed by a Gigonotsaurus.

When the A.R.C team arrive they sees the Gigonotsauurs attack and kill a young Argentinosaurus and they eat it.

The Gigonotosaurus attacks the Argentinosaurus

Later when Emily Merchant realises that a young boy is heading straight for the Gigonotosaurus it nearly kills him but fails when Matt Anderson, Jenny Miller and Jack Maitland arrive and they stop it with their EMDs to keep it a bay. Later the Gigonotsaurus pair cause more chaos when they try to kill some more Argentinosaurus but are stopped by the team agine.

Later Darren Lake uses his EMD on the smaller Gigonotsaurus and it goes back through the anomaly. As the Argentinosaurus go back through the anomaly one lags behind and the bigger Argentinosaurus kills it and drags it back through the anomaly and it is joined by the other Gigonotsaurus and they eat it.