EigigjThe London Ally side of the AnomalyJunAnThe Spaghetti Junction side of the Anomaly
Led from Spaghetti Junction,Cretaceous
Led to London Ally,Present
Who/what went through One Albertosaurus
Connor Temple
Kieran Coles
Anna Legg
Ryan Backer
Abby Maitland
Captain Becker
Danny Quinn
Appearances Episode 6.8
Episode 6.9

The London Ally - Spaghetti Junction Anomaly is an Anomaly that links a Spaghetti Junction to a London Ally in the Present.


Episode 6.8Edit

After an Albertosaurus had pushed Kieran Coles through an Anomaly Connor Temple went after him and Anna Legg and Ryan Backer had to Wait patiently for for them and Ryan nearly went through but Anna stops him but they later go through and save Kieran and Connor.

Later Abby Maitland,Captain Becker and Danny Quinn come through another Anomaly to the Junction and the notice that the Anomaly must lead to the Ally but are annoyed the Anomaly is locked until Abby touches the Anomaly and it unlocks and they go through and shock the other the Anomaly is locked seconds after.

Episode 6.9Edit

The Anomaly reopened the following day Connor and Kieran went to the incursion where Connor went through and discovered all the other Anomalies in the junction had closed he went back through soon after where the Anomaly was locked and guards where sent to guard it.


  • Though it is never stated that this Anomaly closed it appears it apparently done so as it was not detected in future episodes.