Scientific name Majungasaurus Crenatissimus
Home time period Cretaceous Period
Creature type Abelisaurid theropod
Deaths caused 2 Soldiers
Unnamed Man
Appearances Episode 8.3
Time Explosion

Majungasaurus is a species of Abelisaurid from the Cretaceous period it lived in Madagascar.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 8.3Edit

An anomaly opened up at a factory in an airport an a Magunjasaurus came through and was quick to knock Eve Lake over and kills a soldier and later kills Taylor Craig's dog Sprat.

Later it attacked Eve's son Darren and grazed his leg and killed another soldier and the team find another body and man and the Majungasuarus damages it's leg and became unconscious.

Later when the creature woke up it went wild and Evan Cross and Dylan Weir yelled out and the Majungasaurus heard them and run back through the anomaly which closed seconds after.

In Primeval: New WorldEdit

Time ExplosionEdit