Scientific name Unknown
Home time period Future
Creature type Arthropod (Derived from Hymenoptera)
Deaths caused Man
Appearances Episode 7.1
Episode 8.10

Megopteran is a species of future insect it is derived from Hymenoptera

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 7.1Edit

An anomaly opened up to a warehouse/Harbour and to the future and one Megopteran killed a man.

Later when the A.R.C team arrived a Megopteran attacked Jenny Lewis and Abby Maitland when talking to each other but flees's when hearing a siren. Later the Megopteran attacks the team on a beach but they flees again when hearing the siren.

Later Darren Lake and Abby's brother Jack boost the sirens sound and drive all the Megopteran's through the anomaly and it is then locked.

Episode 8.10Edit

An anomaly opened up at the A.R.C (Anomaly Research Centre) and several of it's members went through it and were attacked by Megopteran but they were quickly dealt with by Evan Cross.

Later on a Megopteran came through attacking Eve Lake but Sarah Page,Abby Maitland and Dylan Weir hard her but Kieran Coles killed the creature.

Later at a Temple Megopteran attack the team but they eventually escape and the what happened to the creature is unknown as the team were later seen running from Future Predators.


  • The Megopteran in Episode 7.1 do not act anything like what they did in Episodes 3.8 & 3.10 but they went back to normal in Episode 8.10