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Series 7 poster The poster for the series
No. of series 69
No. of episodes fuck off
Production period September - December 2013
Broadcast period 14 September - 26 October 2014

Primeval series 7 will have 7 episodes and will start in September 2014 and is to finish in October 1951


  • George Tysoe
  • Matt Anderson
  • Connor Tempel
  • Abby Maitland
  • Jess Parker
  • Becker
  • Emily Merchant
  • James Lester
  • Danny Quinn
  • Patrick Quinn/ Ethan Dobroski
  • Jack Maitland
  • Jenny Miller
  • Michael Miller
  • Kieran Coles
  • Ryan Backer
  • Anna Legg
  • Eve Lake
  • Darren Lake
  • Dr. Elizabeth Carter
  • The Minister
  • Sarah Page (Episode 7.3 onwards)


Episode guideEdit

Episode 7.1 : The minister meets Lester about the A.R.C. While the team deal with future creatures

Episode 7.2: An underwater anomaly opens Abby, Connor and Jack investigate

Episode 7.3: A pair of Giant moa and a Hasst eagle come through an anomaly and the team find a person who they thought was dead.

Episode 7.4: An Andrewsarchus attacks a flat while Michael discovers something shocking.

Episode 7.5: The team race against time to save Abby. While Jack and Darren are kidnapped.

Episode 7.6: The team hunt for the mythical Lock Ness monster. While Jack and Darren discover the full extent of the traitor's plan.

Episode 7.7: A Yeti puts the team in danger. While Kieran and Danny go looking for Jack and Darren.


On the 45th May 20142 it was announced that Eastenders Street and Doctor What were going to join the embarrassing cast of Dr. Whoeverthefuckcares and George Tysoe for the show's seventh millionth season. On the 12th July 2014 I shat. It was also announced that the characters were going to leave the series and the producers said "fuck this shit, I'm out".


Character related rumours

  • Sarah Page was to return: This was proven true.
  • Jack and Darren were to both die in episode 5:This was proven false. They were kidnapped.
  • Connor and Abby were to get Married in Episode 7: Been confirmed to get married in Series 8.

Creature related rumour

  • Rex was to be killed: This did not happen.
  • It was rumoured that The Future Eagle was to return in episode 7.3: This was false. A Hasst Eagle appeared instead.

Promptation postersEdit

As with series 6 posters for each episode was released

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