It time for a primeval reboot

The primeval franchise Is rebooted.

Primeval: The reboot is what is called for the reboot of the primeval franchise It all started of in late 2012

The AnnouncementEdit

In late 2012 it was announced that TV networks ITV ,Proseiben, Watch and Syfy had all received large amounts of money and were told they had to pick a franchise to Reboot. Days later they announced that they had picked Primeval the franchise they decided to reboot. It was announced in December 2012 that I.T.V and Syfy were to pick up old shows Primeval and Primeval: New World. As part of the deal three further shows were to be made firstly Primeval: Primetime with a group of children fighting creatures from the past and the future in Manchester.Primeval:Resurrected with a man trying to even out looking after his three children and leading his team to defeating the creatures and containing the anomalies and Primeval:Extinction which like Primetime deals with a group of children trying to deal with the anomalies and creatures. Three days later 6 films were announced which would be co produced in part with all the franchises broadcasters as well as Impossible Pictures and Omni Film. Also it was then announced that Books and Audios would accompany the franchise.

Series: Plots and synopsisEdit

  • Primeval: To be added
  • Primeval: New World: To be added
  • Primeval: Primetime: To be added
  • Primeval: Extinction: To be added
  • Primeval: Resurrection: To be added

Films: Plots and synopsisEdit

  • Film 1: The Begging of the End: TBA
  • Film 2: time and time again: TBA
  • Film 3: You will Die: TBA
  • Film 4: The Aftermath: TBA
  • Film 5: The Final Phase: TBA
  • Film 6: The Final End: TBA



  • The Beginning of the End
  • Time and time again
  • You will Die
  • The Aftermath
  • The Final Phase
  • The Final End

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