Scientific name Unknown
Home time period Late Cretaceous Era
Creature type Arboreal Raptor
Deaths caused 6 Pensioners
5 Midwives
A.R.C Soldier
Army Soldier
Appearances Episode 6.3
Episode 6.10
Episode 8.11
Episode 8.13 (Part 2) (Cameo)

 The Tree Creeper is a specsis of Aboreal Raptor it lived in the Cretaceous 

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 6.3Edit

The Tree Creepers first appeared when they came thorugh the anomaly and they went into the Lounge of the old people's home and they killed the Pensioners and Midwives in the room. Then at the anoamly site when the A.R.C arrive one of them kills a soldier but Emily merchant's and Abby Maitland's EMDs fail to stop it.

Later the Army arrives and it kills a soldier and they Army leaves at James Lester request. While ptroling the nearby groud's Jack Maitland and Captain Becker see a Tree Creeper go into the nearby forest and they follow it and they eventaullly knock it out and take it back to the House. At the Anomaly site Connor Temple Discovers that there are also three baby Tree Creepers. 

In the house Matt Anderson and Emily merchant are going thorugh the corridors and are attacked by a Tree creeper and they follow it up to the roof and they shoot it but it falls of the roof and it falls to it's death.

Later all three babies' the first adult Trre Creeper and it's mate's body are put back thorugh the anomaly.  

Episode 6.10Edit

After a pack of Camouflage beasts attacked the A.R.C's Menagerie the Tree Creeper {From Episode 5.5} was attacked by a pack of Camo beasts but the A.R.C team arrived and killed them. And the Tree creeper was taken to Abby Maitland to check for injuries and was restrained until the Camo beasts were dealt with. 

Episode 8.9Edit

Along with every other Menagerie creature the Tree Creeper was taken by The Firm.

Episode 8.11Edit

The Tree Creeper was rescued by the A.R.C.

Episode 8.13 (Part 2)Edit

The Tree Creeper was seen in it's Menagerie.

In Primeval:New WorldEdit


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  • The way the Tree Creeper died in Episode 6.3 was similar to how it died in Episode 4.3